21 May

13.5 Trillion reasons to pay attention to Paris

Bulb and plug

A global (energy efficient) light bulb went on for policymakers and business leaders alike when the Paris Accord was signed: Climate change is big business and the business community is now all in. According to the analysis by We Mean Business, “Implementing the Paris Agreement will unlock at least $13.5 trillion of economic activity globally.” There is a seismic shift in corporate attitude which is spurring action, commitments and investments.  With business leaders understanding the cost of inaction as well as the significant opportunity that efficiency investments and clean energy investments provide, they are signaling their support of governments commitments made in Paris. One hundred and ten companies signed the “Business Backs Low Carbon USA” statement of support for the Clean Power Plan as well as investments in a low carbon economy. It seems we are all ready to get to work and put the signed Agreement into action.

Read more here: https://www.greenbiz.com/article/we-mean-business-paris-accord-13-trillion-opportunity

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