28 Jul

Communication holds the key to unlocking energy and water savings!

There are hundreds of success stories in which government entities and businesses have saved millions of dollars through efficiency upgrades. So the benefits of energy efficiency benefits are well known. Yet today in 2016, with a keen focus on reducing environmental impact and lowering expenses, financing – or access to internal capital – remains the largest barrier to unlocking energy savings. Energy managers often struggle to get their projects approved internally, leaving savings on the table and shelving key building and equipment upgrade projects. The opportunity cost of unrealized energy savings is staggering and unfortunate.

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) recognizes this issue and recently offered a workshop on how to successfully present energy efficiency projects to corporate financing teams. Although tailored to the retail industry, the content from the workshop is applicable to energy professionals in a variety of industries with case studies on project analysis as well as portfolio planning. Click on the link to Smart Energy Decisions which provides insight on how to present, communicate and advance projects with your company’s finance team and executive management. http://www.smartenergydecisions.com/blog/2016/07/25/workshop-financing-for-energy-and-sustainability?contact_id=35646&inf_contact_key=10f6f0267dde52475aadcddd0ea4cee11ecc7a79499b63260c0feba8bba67059

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