5 Jul

Feeding the Demand for Energy Efficiency Requires Alternative Funding Solutions

A lot can change in three years, as Johnson Controls learned in its survey of 1,200 facility and energy management global executives. In 2013, when asked about their plans for future investments in energy efficiency, it was clearly not a corporate priority with only 42% of executives planning to increase investment in energy efficiency. The landscape has changed in 2016: the current survey has 72% of energy and facility managers expecting to increase energy efficiency investments. The multiple benefits of energy efficiency seem to becoming mainstream for businesses.  Most respondents cited the economic benefits of energy savings, while many included the myriad of other benefits like energy security, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, benefits to employees, as well as government and investor expectations.  While 31% of surveyed execs still say sufficient funding is a barrier, energy efficiency investment will be the smart business choice next year. In the U.S. alone, investment in energy efficiency is expected to increase by 68 percent. Financing solutions will play a key role. Get ready and read more at http://www.smartenergydecisions.com/blog/2016/06/30/energy-efficiency-investments-will-increase-68-next-year-executive-survey-finds?contact_id=35646&inf_contact_key=2db0f616997ed8072f4bcf23667f686ce61e362ba48158efa30797181c52599a


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