24 Aug

Making the Case for Energy Efficiency


A recent Smart Energy Decisions article highlighted eight steps to win organizational support for energy efficiency projects defined by an “organized, data-driven approach.” Steps include using energy consumption baselines, identifying low-performing energy consuming equipment or facilities, tracking peak energy demand periods, and calculating the cost of inaction.

With Metrus, more efficient operations start with a preliminary energy assessment that leverages utility data combined with targeted, onsite analysis by our ESCO (contractor) partners. Utility data definitely speeds this phase of our work, but we believe that on-site investigation remains key to identifying specific efficiency improvements that are important to our customers. Metrus then integrates the technical analysis into a financeable project scope that meets a customer’s energy savings and operational objectives. Often this includes financing efficiency upgrades with a mix of shorter- and longer-term payback periods. Following project construction, Metrus funds and provides ongoing management services, including the measurement and verification of savings. So why go it alone? After checking out how to use utility data to win support for your energy efficiency project, come partner with Metrus to get your efficiency projects funded! You can find the Smart Energy Decisions article at: http://goo.gl/50yN0M  and read more about Metrus here http://metrusenergy.com