5 Jun

Market for CHP and Fuel Cells to Grow by 11 GW


Business profits growth graphic design, vector illustration eps10

Business profits growth graphic design, vector illustration eps10


Solar and wind may grab the headlines, but according to GTM Research’s latest report, CHP and Fuel Cells 2016-2026: Growth Opportunities, Markets and Forecast, the market for CHP and fuel cells are ready to light up with 11 gigawatts of expected growth by 2026. And that is not all: New incentives, capable vendors, new technologies and a new customer profile are setting up things up nicely for resumed growth. Further, it is interesting to note that the CHP market is being driven by non-industrial customers, while corporations and data centers lead the charge in California, Connecticut, Delaware, and New York.

Read more about this important development in customer-sited fuel-based generation. http://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/us-chp-and-fuel-cell-capacity-set-to-grow-by-11-gw-by-2026?hd&utm_campaign=2016-05-31+CEBN&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Pew

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