12 Feb

Metrus generating $4.1MM in savings for BAE Systems multi-site program


The ESA program with BAE continues to successfully rollout with the latest project now operational in Wayne, New Jersey. With the completion of Metrus’ first project in the Garden State, we have the opportunity to look at the combined impacts of the BAE program. To date, five ESA projects are operational in three different states. All projects are generating multiple benefits from energy efficiency upgrades: They are reducing energy costs, saving energy, enhancing equipment resiliency, meeting corporate sustainability targets and creating an improved building infrastructure and work environment.  The BAE Systems program has been a tremendous success generating over 10.8 million kWh in electricity savings and avoiding the emission of almost 15 thousand tons of CO2. This is equivalent to eliminating the electricity use of 2,000 homes each year and removing 3,000 vehicles from the road annually. The ESA program with BAE Systems is ongoing with additional sites under development.

Read more here: http://metrusenergy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/BAE-ESA-Program-Case-Study_2016.pdf

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