15 Aug

More Sustainable Brew

Metrus is actively working with food & beverage companies – and other industrial customers – on bundling energy and water efficiency projects into a single Efficiency Services Agreement (ESA). Although water is relatively cheap today for commercial & industrial (C&I) customers, a host of market trends and recent data suggests this will not continue. The environmental liability, scarcity value and true cost of operating a reliable water infrastructure network necessitate that building owners, including food & beverage customers, will increase utility charges for this finite resource. C&I customers have an opportunity to proactively manage their water consumption by implementing water efficiency upgrades alongside traditional energy efficiency projects. Financing energy and water retrofits under a services agreement can allow customer to implement projects that can improve operations and increase resiliency. Who wouldn’t drink to that?  Learn more and read this Alliance to Save Energy article on the intersection of water and energy at breweries. https://www.ase.org/blog/brewing-sustainability-intersection-water-and-energy-breweries


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