20 Jul

Sustainability remains a key focus for U.S. businesses, financing is easy as E-S-A

Corporate sustainability is a trend that is only getting hotter! In an annual report on S&P 500 Index-listed companies, the Governance and Accountable Institute found that up to 81% of top U.S. businesses published sustainability reports in 2015. This is a dramatic increase from 2011, when a mere 20% of S&P 500 corporations claimed to be focused on environmental responsibility. Indeed, the rise in the number of companies setting sustainability targets is a great first step; however, these companies will not be able to meet their goals without effective financing strategies. In addition to covering the upfront costs, financing solutions are essential for tackling the longer payback and deep energy retrofits that produce sustainability benefits. Energy efficiency will need to play a vital role in the coming years if these top U.S. businesses are to carry out their plans to manage their energy expenditure. Sounds like now would be a great time for Metrus’s Efficiency Services Agreement! You can read more about the rise in corporate sustainability and the subsequent need for financing solutions at: http://www.smartenergydecisions.com/blog/2016/07/01/report-81-of-sandp-500-companies-published-sustainability-reports-in-2015?contact_id=35218&inf_contact_key=32338a52c7f4d9774de861e29149984572a022886ae7e2b7f1935b611ecd6332

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